Covid: The never-ending nightmare (from Mail and Guardian)

January 15, 2021

All the medical professionals working around the globe

South Africa: "the Beloved Country"

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Q&A Sessions: ‘I should have fought harder for SA vaccine’ — Salim Abdool Karim:Professor Salim Abdool Karim talks to Nicolene de Wee about his responsibility as head of the ministerial advisory committee tasked with guiding the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Red Cross Meals on Wheels service

January 15, 2021


The Perfect System


Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

January 13, 2021

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Last Day, New Beginnings.

January 2, 2021

You will, John
“What we do for ourselves, dies with us…but what we do for others lives on”

Willing Yourself To Win

Sunday the 20th of December marked a big change in my working life, and quite possibly, my personal life. Yesterday afternoon was my last working shift of doing a job I never really thought I was capable of doing. Three and a half years later and I’ve proved myself wrong. During my time of working with people who have severe learning disabilities, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and even more about a small proportion of the general public regarding their attitudes towards the people I have supported.

It’s been a huge learning curve for me personally. Along the way I’ve met some fantastic people and made lifelong friends, which is something I can take away with me and keep with me for the remainder of my life. Last night I supported the gentlemen by administering their medication and tucking most of them up into bed. My last words to…

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Saving a Stranded Deer by Sliding It Across a Frozen Pond

December 27, 2020

Video – Moment a Wisconsin man walks out on a frozen pond to rescue a deer unable to stand on the ice



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Best wishes from the First city to see the light

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OPINION | Covid-19: A doctor’s open letter to Cape Town

December 23, 2020

Doctors, nurses and heath professionals – the unsung heroes of 2020

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OPINION | Covid-19: A doctor’s open letter to Cape Town — “THE JOURNALIST “… REVEALING AND INTERESTING “INTERVIEWS”

‘Carry on the good he did’: White Island hero’s legacy

December 11, 2020

“You have to go up and onwards and just try to remember the good times and carry on the good that he did. If we can continuer his spirit, and the way that he was, what better way to remember someone.”

An inspiring, legacy of selflessness you leave behind, Hayden

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Time to honour the true heroes of US deadly Covid pandemic

December 4, 2020

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1413 doctors, nurses, hospital staff and first responders have died.



Coronavirus forces man to cancel annual Thanskgiving dinner for first time in 35 years.

November 25, 2020


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The Daily Binge

Scott Macaulay since 1985 has prepared an annual thanksgiving dinner so people don’t have to be alone during the holiday. This year has changed all of that.

Scott is not the only person in this situation as the stubborness of coronavirus is keeping many people isolated from one another and losing all social asepct of life. He has hosted hundreds of people throughout the 35 years and all for people he’s never met before all with the ogoal of making sure they don’t have to be alone on Thanksgiving Day.

“I never ask for donations for this. Everybody’s looking for money at this time of year!” Macaulay said. “I’ll just do as much as I can until there’s no money left.”

This year, in an effort to combat the feeling that COVID-19 is ruining everything, Macaulay has maintained a tradition from his annual dinners: He asks his meal recipients to…

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Kiwi journalist Linda Collins on breaking the suicide taboo

November 16, 2020

people in the darkest places who manage to conquer their “demons”…somehow, somewhere

The Foreign Correspondent: A Site of "Revealing Interviews" of a Foreign Correspondent, the Journalist and Writer

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Kiwi journalist Linda Collins on breaking the suicide taboo — “THE JOURNALIST “… REVEALING AND INTERESTING “INTERVIEWS”

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