One voice against silent killer

The above article was sourced from One voice against silent killer By Sheryl Garratt Pastor Mary (left) and her interpreter Sister Jane preach their message, calling for action to fight HIV/Aids. Are you a spectator? Or are you a participator?” Pastor Mary Crockett, a substantial woman in a white skirt suit, fixes the congregation with a challenging glare as she warms to this morning’s theme. Matching her pace for pace is Sister Jane, an even more substantial woman who is translating the sermon into Sesotho. It’s an awesome double act. Mary shouts, Jane shouts louder. Mary gets angry, Jane is beyond furious. Mary is sad, Jane is virtually sobbing. Sweat pouring off them in the heat amplified by the building’s tin roof, both women urge the congregation to examine their contribution to their community: “Do you have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of the…

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