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Wang Keqin and China’s revolution in investigative journalism

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Print and be damned: reporters fame danger
Death threats from criminals and official wrath fail to silence zealous watchdog
 Tania Branigan in Beijing
, Sunday 23 May 2010 22.12 BST
 Article history
 Investigative reporter Wang Keqin at his office in Beijing. Photograph: Tania Branigan for the Guardian

To the usual journalistic armoury (famously, ratlike cunning, a plausible manner and a little literary ability), Wang Keqin has added an extra element: the small, red-smudged, battered metal tin that he carries to each interview.
Inside is a sponge soaked in scarlet ink. Like a detective, the 45-year-old reporter compiles witness statements. Then he secures fingerprints at the bottom to confirm agreement.
It is a mark of the thoroughness that has made him China’s…

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