Hamba Khale Ivan Toms

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25 March 200dh109m.jpg8: The Mail & Guardian newspaper reports that Dr Ivan Toms passed away in Cape Town. In awarding him the Order of the Baobab in Bronze, 5, the South Africa presidency wrote “Toms is a remarkable individual who has always had the courage of his convictions. He could easily have lived a life of privilege and comfort but opted instead to reflect on the realities of the country and to take a bold stand against the injustices he witnessed.” Together with the Rev David Russell, Toms set up the Empilisweni SACLA Clinic Committee with residents of Crossroads and Rev John Freeth of the St John’s Parish, in Wynberg, Cape Town. He was the only doctor caring for 60 000 squatters.In September 1983, a three-week confrontation erupted between the Crossroads community and Administration Board officials and police as a result of the erection of…

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    Hamba Khale Ivan Toms | Unsung Heroes


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