The Life and Legacy of Dag Hammarskjold

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Article Title: The Life and Legacy of Dag Hammarskjold
Submitted by: Craig Lock
Key words: Dag Hammarskjold, autobiography/biography, United Nations, leadership
Web Site:

Submitter’s web Sites: and

The submitter’s blogs (with extracts from his various writings: articles, books and new manuscripts) are at + so many others I can’t keep track (obsessive or WHAT!)

Other Articles are available at: and
(Personal growth, self help, writing, internet marketing, spiritual, ‘spiritual writings’ (how ‘airey-fairey’), words of inspiration and money management, how boring now, craig!)

This piece is a “summary” of the full biography of Dag Hammarskjold from the following web site:

Copyright © The Nobel Foundation 1961

I was so inspired by the life of this amazing man, that I’m sharing on the www. If published, please acknowledge the writer and source. All my other…

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