Cristiano Ronaldo: Paying the Medical Bills of Children with Cancer

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Real Madrid soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is a Good Samaritan. Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-month-old boy with the brain disorder cortical dysplasia, needed a €60,000 ($83,000) operation. Little Erik’s family asked Mr. Ronaldo to donate a shirt and pair of boots that would be sold to raise money for the operation. As requested, Mr. Ronaldo donated the items; he also agreed to pay the full cost of the operation. He has used his money to help other ill children on the Iberian Peninsula. For example, in 2009, Mr. Ronaldo and his agent, Jorge Mendes, paid for cancer treatment for a nine-year-old boy named Nuhazet.

For Further Information: Ryan Bailey: “Cristiano Ronaldo donates $83,000 to pay for sick child’s operation.” Yahoo! Sports. 12 March 2014

For Further Information: Brooks Pack, “Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent are paying for a 9-year-old’s cancer treatment.” Yahoo! Sports. 20 June 2012

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