The Dark Horse: Cliff’s edge

“Whatever Genesis went through previously in his life before the point we meet him in the film, he’s turned a corner and he’s trying to pull together the strands of his life. To create love in the world. To create connections and create a family…and he’s contributing. …this is what I’m going to contribute. I’ve got this. This is one thing I’ve got that I can do.”

“We making a living by what we get; however we make a life by what we give.”

“So there’s a parallel to where I am in my life.. So now I have to figure out: how do I rearrange my craft, my work, my profession and balance that against what I really value?”

Russell Baillie as published in the New Zealand Herald
– Additional reporting, Lydia Jenkin


Magnificent East Coast sunrise by Ngaio Keelan in the “scenic and tranquil little haven” that is New Zealand (or ‘Godzone’, as it is often affectionately known)


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