Frank Chikane Calls on South Africans to Care for Foreigners

Scalabrini Centre Cape Town

Frank ChikanePeople need to take care of one another, including their “brothers and sisters” from neighbouring countries, former director general in the presidency Rev Frank Chikane has said. “We are one family, we are one people…. We are one people, that’s why our languages are similar. We come from the same place,” he told delegates at a regional conference of the Methodist Church in Soweto yersteday.

Chikane said a person was a human being before he was a foreigner. “This country has got the means for everybody to have some food…. We have a system that takes care of basic needs,” he said. Chikane asked residents to share what they ate with other people because they were family.

Speaking at the Charles Wesley Methodist Church, Chikane said in the past people had not had a problem crossing borders, because they treated each other like family members. It had become a problem only in…

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