Learning to Live with Brain Injury

Living With Head (Brain) Injury

Learning to Live with Brain Injury

James Piercy calls it the “hidden disability”.
Every year in his homeland, the United Kingdom, 135,000 people are admitted to hospital as a consequence of it.
And each day in New Zealand, about 90 Kiwis sustain it from everything from hypoxia and strokes to falls and concussions.
The UK science communicator is talking about brain injury, which he says for something remarkably common is poorly understood.
The gap is something Mr Piercy, who last night hosted a presentation in Dunedin as part of this week’s New Zealand International Science Festival, aims to close.
Indeed, his own knowledge of brain injury was scant until the day his life changed – January 30, 2011.
What had been an ordinary Sunday outing near his home of Norwich turned to tragedy when his family’s car sustained a tyre blow-out, spun off the road and slammed into a tree.

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