The Book is already available…WHAT!

"An Extraordinary Life": The Young Kiwi Nurse (M: A New Book)



A brand new book by Ray Carruthers being written (“on the go”)…

as life unfolds…

“Life is God’s Novel….so let Ultimate Source write it”

–  as “inspired” by the words of Isaac Bashevis Singer

here’s a start…

THE NURSE (The Young Kiwi nurse)

“She is in every respect an extraordinary person with exceptional will power.”


Dedicated to you M, S and G


From when she was a little girl growing up in the North Island of the scenic and tranquil little haven that is New Zealand near the bottom the earth,  the rather quiet and private girl had always been a very caring type of person (like New Zealanders in general), who loved to help, soothing the small wounds of her little and crying girl-friends and her two sisters.

The attractive young nurse with the light brown hair and green twinkling eyes had not long…

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