A doctor’s take: Jules Bianchi brain injury

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury


A doctor’s take: Jules Bianchi brain injury | News | Motorsport.com

The mechanism of injury again is a sudden deceleration injury which can cause injury in the brain in two fashions: 1) the breaking of blood vessels causing bleeding (such as an epidural or subdural hemorrhage (like Mark Donohue), or 2) a diffuse axonal injury which is the primary injury reported by the physicians attending to Bianchi.

Explaining diffuse axonal injury

The diffuse axonal injury is much like a large bruise to the brain and can encompass a large portion of the brain. Like all bruises and blunt injuries to the human body, the injured tissues swell, but within the fixed-size boney skull, swelling is extremely dangerous because there is no where for the swelling tissues to expand into with the exception of the opening at the base of the skull where the spinal cord exits.

This type of injury often…

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