What Are You Looking At?

Taking a Walk

I had the great opportunity this past Sunday to attend a practice of the “Revolution Adaptive Sports” team.  It’s youth basketball for children who are in wheelchairs.  As you might can imagine, I was extremely excited to get to see it.  It also warmed my heart to see how much fun my Braxton had bouncing the ball and passing it with one of the coaches.

My son Braxton is four years old and gets around in a wheelchair.  The doctors have been incapable of diagnosing his condition.  In short, he got sick when he was 1 1/2 and whatever sickness he had attacked his muscles in his lower extremities.  After almost 2 years of searching for answers as to what had happened and getting no answers, my wife and I decided to turn our attention to the future.

Those of you who have children with special needs or a disability…

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