Aitzaz Hasan-These sons are not for sale!


Aitzaz Hasan, -the boy who lived!

“My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children”- Mujahid Ali, father of Aitzaz Hassan.

Yesterday, I was watching a bomb prank video, featuring an Arab man throwing bombs at people. Its was kinda funny though. People were running for their lives. Which is quite right, I mean most people would do the same under the given circumstances unless they are people with their shades on, and a big camera and a stunt double and a safety team and a director!

I ask you a very simple question, What would you do, if you see a suicide bomber at a public place, lets say a school. You might think that confronting him ‘d be heroic but trust me at that kind of point, things appear a bit upside down. I know there are many brave people that ‘d confront him maybe…

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