Murder of journalist

Brave Journalists and Reporters: Writing for TRUTH

The intimidation, threatening or worse … murder of investigative journalists is a major threat to all our democracies.

Those on the frontline, delving into the exposure of criminals and their devious, nefarious or subversive behaviour, must be able to do their chosen job free of revenge and retaliation.

Trump can be given a lot of credit for undermining the vital job of journalists and media whose prime function is to give oversight, insight and illumination into the wicked ways of the filthy rich, obscenely famous, insatiably greedy and those with agendas designed to control and dominate our basic freedoms.

Punishment for those killing the messengers and whistleblowers must be stiffened to ensure we, and journalists are not cowed by cowards and those paying them to do their hit jobs.

Rob BuchananKerikeri


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