Clap for all humanity to announce war on COVID-19: Light the 22/40 candle for bravery

Law of Attraction finds me!

I have and will continue to clap for the NHS, all global doctors, carers, nurses and scientists, along with the other key workers. But who are these mystery key workers? Hand on heart, don’t most of us think that the clapping is only for the NHS? Others who might know that there are other applaudable categories too, but struggle to name them all. If you know the details, then you have read the small print and well done, Sirs/Mses. After reading varied articles, blogs, and listening to the News channels and indeed many friends, it seems that their information is either restrictive or indeed a bit patchy about the poor employees on this long list. So, I would like to make a point to clap for all the key workers: Health and social care, Education and childcare (though the schools are now closed), Key Public services- justice system, religious staff…

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