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“Success is not to be measured so much by our achievements… but by the number of lives touched.”

December 15, 2018

Men Have Forgotten God

December 13, 2018

Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey

Remembering Solzhenitsyn’s profound speech on the centenary of his birth…/aleksandr-solzhenitsyn-men-have-forgotten-god-s…

from a Google search (thanks for rescuing me from “sheer utter chaos”, Big G!* (and by that I’m referring to both God and Google, but probably far more the first)…49254.65523..66996…1.0..0.547.8669.2-1j17j5j1……0….1j2..gws-wiz…..6..0j35i39j0i67j0i22i30._6ZoA02xjJ4

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Do you collect ring tabs of cans for charity?

November 19, 2018


Thanks for the follows *, as the reason I write is to share.
* (Though my family and close friends say it would be far more entertaining with a video-camera # in “real life”, rather than in cyberspace!)

# By the way, do they still make them in today’s ever-faster changing world..or is it all done with mobile phones?

(get with the times now,”luddite”* c – it should be a smart phone)

* or so I was often called by my “my techno-geek” friend, Bill (“the gonk”)

“total non-techno” c (who doesn’t possess a mobile phone, after a rather eventful’ experience some years back, whilst trying to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time)

Who says men can’t multi-task!

Kind regards


“You will do foolish things…but do them with enthusiasm.”
– Colette


Best wishes from the First City to see the sun (in summer) …and we’re also the first to see the sunset and the stars (in winter-time)

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

A Better Man

My mom is on a roll. She recently swiped the can I had just finished and pull off the ring tab on top. “Collect these and you can change it for a wheelchair!” I started to wonder whether this is an urban myth. After collecting these tabs, who to you contact and who do you deliver them to? Nobody seems to know. Delving deeper into the issue made me realized that the idea is not exactly as it seems.

Various countries have launched a “Save a 1000 ring tabs” type of programme including Singapore. Here we have something called Project E.A.R.T.H. with Rings for Life. Launched in 2012, it serves to encourage the public to recycle ring tabs from any standard aluminium drink cans for the making of artificial limbs. Volunteers from Rings for Life participate in community outreach events to spread the message and conduct drives to collect ring tabs…

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Now what do I do?

October 31, 2018

Inspirational Leader

I was just released from R.I.C. after a nearly 4 month stay. Chicago is about 2 hours west of Rockford and at parts on the way home there were people riding bikes. I kept this image in the back of my mind as we continued home. A few months passed from being home, day rehab was slowly becoming boring, I had given hope on returning back to McDonalds as a Shift Supervisor, and I lost my battle with staying in the military. I really had nothing going for me.

My mom asked me what I wanted to do. College was on my mind but that presented its own challenges and its own blog post. That image of bikes came forward and came out.

Now I was still in a wheelchair so I wasn’t sure how this would work. The Park District had a lose the training wheels program that I…

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October 29, 2018

Max Mteliso’s words

The privilege to work is a gift.

The power to work is a blessing.

The love of work is success.

(the 9th LDS church President, David O McKay)

Following my last post

Work hours

Time is the wrong matrix to use when evaluating work done by an employee. It’s not about how much time the employee works or you work it’s how effective they/you use the time. From my ergonomics observation If it’s merely about time it feels like punishment more like pain in the hindquarters or ass and the employees won’t wait to knock off work only to be stuck in traffic. Also from my experience of working with PAs and employees alike, giving them autonomy is key to increasing their effectiveness better yet they fall in love with they craft. Hey ho, they might even come up with better ideas than you to run your business or life.

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South Africa

October 25, 2018

A New Dawn

Submitters Note

I came across these old writings (which I had forgotten) from over 10 years ago on one of many old usb drives (“dis-organised chaos”). They formed the basis for a book on SA, “the Beloved Country” that I never got to write (  I think, as I tend to lose track of all my books), as I got “side-tracked” on many other projects.

Enjoy anyway.

“passionate” craig

Gisborne, NZ 26th October 2018


(two very different countries that I love*)

* who says Kiwis lack passion, other than for rugby!

I want to write stories that matter a lot to me, in terms of my deepest values. True stories from people’s lives in history, that are worth sharing with others, as they have great meaning regarding the universal human condition. I write about ordinary people in exceptional circumstances and times, that hopefully uplift and impact others…

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Working for Peace: Nancy Lindborg

October 13, 2018

Working, Striving towards a more Peaceful World "I WRITE, I SHARE, I DREAM!"

Image result for lindborg peace

“Building Peace in a Fragile World”

Peace through Pragmatism”

from Google searches (thanks for rescuing me from “sheer utter chaos”, Big G!

* (and by that I’m referring to both God and Google, but probably far more the first)


“Sharing, supporting, informing,  enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring”

enough there for now, c!

“Together, one heart, one mind, one life, one small step at a time, let’s plant the seeds of hope for a better and brighter future… then together let’s walk towards it.”

Sunrise morning has broken

Morning has broken


John sunrise (besT

Share, encourage, uplift, inspire  and help spread HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT

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“Heroes are simply ordinary people, who find themselves in extra-ordinary situations, then try (+ decide) to do (and accomplish) amazing things helping their fellow human beings.”

October 2, 2018

“Heroes are simply ordinary people, who find themselves in extra-ordinary situations, then try (+ decide) to do (and accomplish) amazing things helping their fellow human beings.”




Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Indonesia and especially Palu


Best wishes from the First City to see the light



The Role of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Prayer After Brain Injury

September 29, 2018

Living with Head/Brain Injury (TBI)

“Traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects and upsets life on multiple levels: physical, psychological, social, and even spiritual.”


For almost six years after her car crash in 1993, Melissa Felteau expended much of her energy wanting things to be different from what they were. She’d dream about her “old” self, only to wake up a new, confused, and confusing version of that self.

Prior to her crash, when she sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), she had been a master swimmer, a skier, and kayaker. She’d held a top job as director of public relations for Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital in Ontario, Canada, and she had a robust social life. Little seemed out of reach. But after her crash — at age 31 — she couldn’t read or write. She had a hard time following conversations, and she couldn’t get organized or remember anything. “It was a long, slow, painful…

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David’s story with Epilepsy

September 28, 2018

a inspiring story.Enjoy

Through David's Eyes

The seizures in my life that have brought with them pains that will never go away. They become a part of us, they journey the paths we take and go wherever we go in life. We can never get rid of them, but we can try to understand, accept them, and learn to deal with them through acts of pleasure that we experience in life. Let me explain the seizures that I live with everyday. I have primary generalized epilepsy (onset seizures):

  • Motor symptoms may include sustained rhythmic jerking movements (clonic), muscles becoming weak or limp (atonic), muscles becoming tense or rigid (tonic), brief muscle twitching (myoclonus), or epileptic spasms (body flexes and extends repeatedly).
  • Non-motor symptoms are usually called absence seizures. These can be typical or atypical absence seizures (staring spells). Absence seizures can also have brief twitches (myoclonus

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